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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I expect?
  2. If you are in a scenario where you lost important data, you likely have a lot of worries, questions, and concerns. We hope we can answer some of them here, but feel free to contact us if we missed something.

  3. How long does it take?
  4. For the most typical data loss scenarios, we can perform the recovery process within 2 to 5 days from the time we receive the drive. However, this is a very rough estimate – we often finish much quicker, or may spend more time if the issue turns out to be a complicated one.

    The amount of time we spend on your case depends on the basic factors, such as the cause of the damage, the medium the recovery will be performed on, [and the extent of the data loss]. However, every case is unique, no matter how neatly it falls into one of our data recovery, computer repair, or virus removal categories, and it will often demand its own, different approach.

    If you need immediate attention, we also provide emergency services. Our representative will contact you right after you submit the request form, and we provide courier service to pick up the drive from your location. We are often able to finish the same day, or within 24 hours.

    Whatever your needs may be, be sure to discuss them with our representative if you make a call, or describe them in the request form.

  5. How much does it cost?
  6. The simple answer is: it varies. To provide you with a more meaningful price estimate, we will need to examine your damaged media. We realize that price is an important factor for our customers, and so we’ve done everything within our efforts to make our services affordable. However, it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate without a thorough diagnostic screening of the damaged media. Every case is different. The complexity of the cases we deal with vary tremendously, as does the amount of resources and time our engineers must expend on each. Our service is built entirely on the principle that you, the customer, always have maximal control over the entire data recovery process.

    We give discounts to select groups. Please ask our representative if you qualify. We usually give discounts to:

    • Military personnel
    • Computer repair outlets and professionals
    • IT personnel
    • Non-profit organizations

    *Be Wary of Companies That Advertise Flat-Fee Pricing
    Some data recovery companies advertise that they have “flat-fee pricing” for their services. Watch out — although some of these claims are perhaps legitimate, it is generally impossible to have true flat-fee pricing in data recovery. This would be analogous to your car mechanic announcing that all car repair services cost the same amount and giving you a price before he even looks at your car.

    Companies that offer flat-fee pricing have a big incentive to spend fewer resources and less time on their data recovery cases. If a particular case becomes too costly and expenses rise above the flat fee they charged you, they begin to lose money on your case. At that point, less-than-reputable companies will be tempted to abandon your case and claim that your data unrecoverable.

    Just like automotive repair, every data recovery case requires different resources, parts, and time. Cases vary greatly in complexity. This is why almost all reputable data recovery firms require evaluations and give quotes.

  7. How likely is it that you will be able to recover my data?
  8. We have a 90% success rate in data recovery, one of the highest in the industry. You can be confident that your data is in good hands.

    However, even with all the years of experience we have, the unmatched talent on our engineering team, and all the specialized equipment and state-of-the-art facilities in our possession, we cannot guarantee a 100% successful recovery. No one can. It is important to understand the nature of data recovery – it’s really kind of a misnomer. All that anyone can do is recover access to data that is still present in some form on the hard drive or other storage medium. Anyone who claims to do more is not being truthful.

    We understand what it’s like to encounter actual data loss. It’s more than just lost work. For businesses, it could mean thousands or even millions of dollars of lost revenue. For individuals, it could be a major source of frustration or heartbreak, especially if the data has sentimental value (e.g., family photos).

    This is why we take our job so seriously – we recognize the value that the data holds for our clients, and we do absolutely everything in our power to recover as much of it as physically possible. We take many safety precautions while handling your data with the goal of eliminating completely the possibility of making the situation any worse. For example, one of the first things we do upon receiving a drive is making a complete backup image of it, if that is feasible.

    Our recovery engineers are some of the most experienced that work in their field. Many were trained decades ago by the actual pioneers of data recovery. The experience on our team is unmatched – in the many years that we have been performing data recovery, our engineers have actually pushed through the frontier by developing new tools and innovative methods to recover more data than ever thought possible.

    So once again, you can be confident that we really are your best choice for data recovery. Your results may vary depending on the scenario, but based on our past experiences, we think we have a good shot at being able to help you.

  9. Is there anything I can do NOW to maximize my chances of successful recovery?
  10. Yes: stop using the equipment or medium on which you lost your data.

    It is a cruel irony that applies here and elsewhere in life: one’s attempts to make the situation better often make it worse. You may be tempted to try installing various free data recovery programs, or try one of the popular “home remedies” for fixing broken hard drives, such as putting the drive in the freezer (tip: don’t).

    We won’t dissuade you if you’re sure of what you’re doing. However, if you have even an inkling of doubt, and you value your data highly, then you should stop immediately – any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody’s ability to recover. This applies to all causes of data loss.

    Continuing to use your hard drive or other medium while it is in a degraded state can endanger your data and make the data recovery process more difficult.

  11. Will this void my warranty?
  12. In most cases, we are able to perform data recovery without voiding the warranty on your hard drive, desktop computer, laptop, or server. However, this depends on the specific warranty in question. If you have concerns, please discuss this issue with out representative when you make your first inquiry.

    We can provide your manufacturer with a certified letter and sticker label that the drive or system was inspected by our technicians. Usually, the manufacturer honors the letter and allows you to retain your warranty.

    We are certified to perform data recovery by Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate, IBM, Toshiba, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Lacie, and other hard drive manufacturers.

  13. How do I send my drive for data recovery services?
  14. There are three main ways you could transfer the drive (or other media) to us for recovery:

    • Drop it off in person.
    • Let us pick it up for you on-site (for emergency cases).
    • Mail it to us
  15. Do I need to take the hard drive out?
  16. Only if you can.

    The hard drive is all we need to perform the data recovery in most cases. (Your dedicated account representative will let you know if there is anything else we need from you.)

    However, if you feel uncomfortable opening up the case on your computer and detaching the hard drive, then we do not recommend doing so. You can ship the entire system to us and we will handle it for you. There is NO charge for this.

    If you have a laptop, we actually recommend that you do not extract the hard drive. From our past experiences, we have had many clients damage their systems by handling the laptop hard drive incorrectly. But once again, if you are sure of what you’re doing, the hard drive is all we need, so you can go ahead and take it out.

  17. How will I get my data back to me?
  18. There are several options for receiving your data, depending on the type of media that was recovered, your own preferences, and the amount of data recovered.

    • You can buy an external drive from us. We will send it to you with the data on it.
    • You can provide an external drive for us. We will put your recovered data on it and send it to you.
    • We can send you the data on a CD or DVD. This is possible if the quantity of data is relatively small.
    • You can always pick up your data in person using one of the options above.

    In all cases, your confidentiality is our utmost concern. Only the original account owner can receive the data. If the data is shipped, the original account owner must sign for it with the shipping company. If you opt to download your recovered data remotely, your download link will be secure and the transfer will be encrypted.

  19. Can I recover just one (or a few) files?
  20. Yes! Many people seem to have the impression that data recovery services are intended for major issues, such as complete hard drive failure, a major virus infection, or some other devastating data loss incident. However, if you accidentally deleted an important file or mistakenly overwrote your school report, we won’t leave you in the dust. Remember, we handle all data loss cases, regardless of the cause or the extent of the loss.

    However, please keep in mind that regular data recovery fees still apply. We charge for the procedures that we perform on the drive, as well as the time that our engineers must spend on the case. The nature of data recovery is often such that it takes the same amount of resources to recover a megabyte as it does a gigabyte.

    It all comes down to the value you place upon your data. If you only lost a day’s worth of work, you might prefer to redo it; but if it’s a report or project you’ve been working on for months, then you may find our services to be highly beneficial to you.

    I have concerns about the privacy of my data.

    In today’s world, it is only right to worry. Identity theft and information breaches are becoming increasingly more commonplace.

    However, we take your confidentiality very seriously. It is one of our top priorities, second only to successful data recovery. All of the data we receive is kept in a highly secure location. Any backup copies we make during the recovery process are stored in an encrypted format, and the copies are purged within 14 days of account closing (or sooner at the customer’s request). All of our personnel go through rigorous training in data security. Only the recovery engineer working on your case and the direct shift manager ever have access to recovered data, and even then, only when absolutely necessary. The recovered data will only be returned to the registered account owner (spouse, family members or children cannot request the data).

  21. What areas do you service?
  22. We take clients from anywhere, if you can send us your data. We typically service Utah customers in Salt Lake City, Centerville, Kaysville, Layton, Clearfield, and Ogden.